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Stop the Assault on Democratic Rights

I sent a letter on behalf of over 200 people to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of BC asking that Bill M223 - Anti-SLAPP Act 2015 - proceed to second reading and Committee for discussion. We believe that Bill M223 is crucial for democracy in B.C. because it will empower courts to identify and prevent strategic lawsuits against public participation – or SLAPPs – and thereby stop the assault on democratic rights.

Dutton on SLAPPs

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Interview with Alan Dutton on the Status of Protest Rights in Canada 2016-03-21

Metro Vancouver Waste Dump Lawsuit

Seriously Free forum on Corporate SLAPPs v. Free Speech Forum recording on Metro Vancouver waste and Botanie Valley and Michael Vonn of the BCCLA on SLAPPs.

We need a better plan

“I think the growing disjuncture between theory and practice has impoverished both practice and theory alike by making theory abstract and complicated in ways that tend to obscure social reality, rather than to illuminate it. Theory has become very highfalutin, head-in-the-clouds, and actually very strange in many ways. … Meanwhile, at the same time, we as activists and socialists became stuck in a kind of a rote script of protests and militancy, i.e. in activity disengaged from a general strategy of social change.