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Alan's blog

We need a better plan

“I think the growing disjuncture between theory and practice has impoverished both practice and theory alike by making theory abstract and complicated in ways that tend to obscure social reality, rather than to illuminate it. Theory has become very highfalutin, head-in-the-clouds, and actually very strange in many ways. … Meanwhile, at the same time, we as activists and socialists became stuck in a kind of a rote script of protests and militancy, i.e. in activity disengaged from a general strategy of social change.

Alan Dutton's problem with Kinder Morgan's civil suit

Here's a letter to the editor we received from Alan Dutton, one of the Burnaby Mountain Five named in Kinder Morgan's civil suit, which the company has now dropped. Kinder Morgan filed for a "unilateral discontinuance", which means the case can be revived, as Alan says below...

What does it mean that Kinder Morgan drops suit against protestors

To: Burnaby Now

Date: February 5, 2015

Subject: Re: Kinder Morgan drops suit against protestors

Dear Editor:

Based on a Trans Mountain news release of January 30, 2015, the Burnaby Now reported that the subsidiary of the Texas based Kinder Morgan oil company is "dropping its multimillion-dollar civil suit against all five Burnaby Mountain protestors and is willing to pay their costs."

Kinder Morgan's civil suit: Is it really over?

A reader emailed me with some concerns that Kinder Morgan's civil suit isn't really over, and as far as legal technicalities go, she's right.

Kinder Morgan filed for "unilateral discontinuance", and here's what Alan Dutton's lawyer said about it: