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Anti-SLAPP Legislation in Ontario

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are on the rise in Ontario. This trend was recognized by the Environment Commissioner of Ontario in his 2008-09 Annual Report and in concerns raised by various non-governmental organizations and municipalities across the province. It has also been acknowledged by the Ontario Government through an expert advisory panel that provided advice on how to design an effective anti-SLAPP law for the province (see the panel's October, 2010 report). Bill 52, the Protection of Public Participation Act, (introduced in December of 2014), once promulgated, will provide necessary protections against SLAPP lawsuits. Collected here are documents on this topic produced by CELA and our partners.

October 1, 2015
Bill 52 - Protection of Public Participation Act
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March 7, 2014
Joint Statement On Bill 83 TO All MPPs (
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November 30, 2010
Breaking the silence: the urgent need for anti-SLAPP legislation in Ontario
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October 7, 2009
Re: The Need for Anti-SLAPP Legislation in Ontario [to Jim Watson]
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July 8, 2009
Re: Strategic Law Suits against Public Participation (SLAPP) [to Brent McCurdy]
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November 20, 2008
Re: Urgent Need for Anti-SLAPP legislation in Ontario [to Attorney General Bentley]
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What is a SLAPP suit?(