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Botanie Valley Waste Dump Lawsuit

Lawsuit by Northwest Organics Corporation against local resident over organic waste dump in the Botanie Valley

As per previous VMC article Northwest Organics (NO) has bought a large farm in the Botanie Valley near Lytton BC. NO is creating a composting facility that is coincidentally coming online just as Vancouver is requiring a separate waste stream for kitchen waste. NO is owned by Ralph Macrae who is also CEO of Northwest Waste Solutions one of the largest waste haulers in Vancouver. Many local residents in the Bottany Valley oppose the facility and NO has sued three of them. The defense claims the legal suit is a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) intended to silence the public opposition to the NO's facility. Please come out to BC Supreme Court (800 Smithe Street) at 9:45 to support the defendent against this corporate attack.