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Trans Mountain v. Dutton

On September 26, 2014, the BC Supreme Court denied the City of Burnaby the right to appeal the decision of the NEB to allow Kinder Morgan to undertake survey work and test drilling on Burnaby Mountain Conservation Land. The decision infuriated residents, environmental, church and many other groups and they began demonstrating against the work on the mountain. Kinder Morgan responded by filing a $5.6-million civil suit against five people for speaking out and allegedly interfering with contractual relations.

SLAPP Suit Case Study - Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC v. Dutton et al.

By Neil Chantler for the Environmental Defense Working Group

In October 2014, Alan Dutton and four other individuals were served with a lawsuit, an application for an injunction, and affidavit material suggesting that they were liable for damages in the millions of dollars. The plaintiff was Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC (“Trans Mountain”), a Canadian subsidiary of international energy giant Kinder Morgan.