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John Sanbonmatsu

Postmodernism and the Politics of Expression

Postmodernism and the Politics of Expression
by John Sanbonmatsu in Capital and its discontents, Sasha Lilley, 2011

[Ed. Note: You have to dig about half down to get to organizing. The theory is important too because our bad practice is stems from poor theory of social movements and how to effect change.]

CHAPTER THIRTEEN John Sanbonmatsu: Postmodernism and the Politics of Expression

Can you give us a working definition of postmodernism, that enormously influential set of theories that have dominated the left and academia over the past three decades?

The Next Crisis: We need a better plan

“I think the growing disjuncture between theory and practice has impoverished both practice and theory alike by making theory abstract and complicated in ways that tend to obscure social reality, rather than to illuminate it. Theory has become very highfalutin, head-in-the-clouds, and actually very strange in many ways. … Meanwhile, at the same time, we as activists and socialists became stuck in a kind of a rote script of protests and militancy, i.e. in activity disengaged from a general strategy of social change.